90’s again? Fashion is looking back for inspiration

Have you ever looks back at your high school pictures? Your childhood ones? Remember what you wore in those days? I do! Overalls, chokers, crop tops (and actually a lot of belly bottom showing)… a lot of things that now would make you say ‘what was I thinking?’, right?

Well, turns out that you might want to take another look at those photos. Because, as our mothers have been saying forever and we never listened before, everything makes a comeback, especially in fashion. And we’ve been having a few signs: glimpses of the 70’s (boho chic anyone?) and the 80’s… but nothing is so strong these days as the influence of the 90’s and its sexy but androgynous vibe.

Remember the grunge days? Or our Spice Girls inspiration? Let’s take a look at today’s biggest trends that are totally a flashback 15 years ago.

Crop tops

The ones that started all. From the beginning of 2015, this has been a really important piece of wardrobe in every scenario: since couture to fast fashion, crop tops have now invaded our closet in every way possible. Back in the 90’s, we wore them without any concern (probably because our abs were a lot flatter), but in this era, there have to be some boundaries. First of all, it is time for us to admit that they’re not good to take everywhere (this means they’re not office appropriate) and they don’t go with everything. A crop top is a sexy a subtle way of showing skin if you wear it with high-waist items, like shorts, pants or skirts. Go for a cropped t-shirt when going to the beach of for a silk one for your party outfit. But in any case, use it wisely.


Probably the biggest trend of 2016.  You sure have to remember them, because most of us used to wear them to school every day and catholic schools were about to have a meltdown from forbidding it. The good news here is that you can actually recycle the choker you copied to Melissa Joan-Hart in ‘Clarissa Explains it All’. Of course, you can go the extra mile and now buy a golden one or invest in a real piece of jewelry, but if you want to be trendy, you just have to look really dip in your accessories drawer.


And now we reach a difficult point in this 90’s romance. I never was an overall girl, and I don´t really think that this is the time of becoming one. But for all of you out there wondering how to use it, it is a piece of clothing perfect for those days when you want to feel young and hip. Long or short, you can wear it for a Sunday picnic in the park or for an afternoon with friends. If you’re bold enough, pair it with that cropped t-shirt you bought online. If you want to call your inner 90’s girl… use it with the top part down, a cute top and your favorite booties. It will like a real boost of style in any occasion.

Bandanas at neck

Another difficult trend to embrace, although this one seems to be easier to a lot of fashionistas out there. This twist will add coolness to your look in literally 20 seconds. My favorite option to wear this is over a simple white t-shirt, but they can really go with shirts or even the off-the-shoulder tops that we’ve been loving so much for the past seasons. If you’re not a fan of chokers, this can be your thing, and you have a really big number of options to mix and match.

Dark lips

Remember those rebel days when our moms thought we were going to the dark side because we wanted to try black lipstick? Well, let’s just say now it’s cool to try it again and maybe your mom will stay out of the picture. Dark and bold lips have made a huge comeback and now we’re seeing them in every makeup collection, from drugstore brands to luxury ones. And let’s not forget the Instagram girls who have been making a big deal out of this trend, like Kylie Jenner, who has taken her lip obsession into a really lucrative business. Don’t be scared of trying a new color, you can wear it at home before being comfortable enough to be seen with it. Blues, blacks, and of course, our favorite berry tones can work for a night out or add a plus to a simple outfit.

Messy hair

This is one trend that will make your hair say hallelujah! After all those years of super straight hair and put together hair domination, it is finally ok to go out with our natural, wavy and messy hair. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blonde, a brunette or a red head, now the go-to look seems to be a little bit less complicated: you just have to let your hair be. The most wanted option is the one with ‘beachy’ waves, which you can easily get by going to sleep on a braid and undo it the next day. What an easy styling tip!


Tips To Upgrade Your Winter Fashion

Autumn has almost arrived and it’s time to gear yourself up for winter. Like any other men, you surely have no idea about what to buy and what to wear. Men these days have become very conscious for fashion and their looks, yet they are clueless about style and trend. However, this time you need not worry much. Just forget the ‘what to wear’ rules. Set your own style statement by mixing and matching your outfits. Anything that suits you or you like wearing can transform you into a style icon.

This article has summarized all the aspects of men’s fashion for you. You need not go for an entire wardrobe change. Just use whatever you already have in a proper manner and sporty chic style can do the magic for you. Here are some of the tips that may help you upgrade your fashion sense this season.

1. Time to replace the cotton shirts

It’s time for you to replace your cotton shirts with the denims ones. Pair them with either your trousers or with a pair of jeans. Even full sleeved t-shirts are good option for the fall. Winter is all about layers. You can use your shirt as jacket and wear it over your t-shirt. The cool and funky layered style is the most ‘in’ thing for this season.

2. Jackets and blazer

Jackets are the best fashion piece for this season. However, makes sure that you combine your outfit with it appropriately. Using contrasting color combination is an ideal choice. If your shirt or t-shirt is light colored, then, the blazer should be dark colored and vice-versa. Black jackets are always in fashion and the most versatile attire that you can have. If you have one in your assortment, then, half the job is done. You can pair it with any color and design. Sweatshirts and long overcoats with hood is also a good alternative. If you need to have a formal look, then, a waistcoat is a definite must.

3. Underneath fashion

It might sound irrelevant, but underneath clothing is equally important. Boxers, brief and other less revealing men’s underwear is ideal to keep you warm and cozy. Except for the special occasions, when you are planning an exotic outing with your partner, you can try out the bikinis and thongs. Keep a number of skivvies in your collection, so that, you don’t run out of options in the wet and gloomy weather. Don’t use the undergarments that you were using during summers. You need to change them every 2-3 months. Silk is ideal fabric for winters. It naturally regulates the temperature, that is, it insulates heat and keeps you warm down there. You can find a range of skivvies on the online men’s underwear store. Get the perfect one for yourself at a click of button.

4. Accessories

No look will ever be complete without accessories. Cap off your look with an elegant scarf. A jacket, blazer or overcoat paired with a scarf is the trendiest thing that a man can do. No matter the season, a wristwatch can always give a rich look to the wearer. Even the smart classic gentlemen shawl has returned to fashion these days. Apart from all this, you can find hats of all sorts, right from the most sporty to the traditional style. Pair and match these accessories in a proper manner and be a trend setter.

5. Footwear

Shoes are a symbol of your personal and professional status. The men’s boot crafted in classic leather are ideal for the winter fall. You need to have them in your collection, no matter the color, style or the brand. The vintage style of boots, with or without lace, can give a very masculine and in-trend look to the wearer. For the casual, you can even go for sports wear and sneakers.

These alternative will help you lead a stylish winter fall. Just manage your wardrobe, right from the jacket to underwear, and you can pull that effortless rich look. Keeping it simple, sleek and sophisticated is the biggest trend for men these days. Choose the right set of clothing as well as accessories and keep looking stylish.

Fulfilling The Dream Of Becoming A Fashion Designer

The fashion designing bandwagon is grabbing attention as well as aspirants from all everywhere now. Whether it is about clothes or jewelry or products or services, everything has a fashion statement and anyone who fails to follow the trend is soon thrown out of the race. It is for this reason, companies keep looking for fashion designers who can help in designing their products, graphics, promotional strategiesand so forth. The requirement has also paved path for new courses and streams which has made some fashion design schools preferable over others.

One such institute that has come up in this race is Symbiosis Institute of Design. Based in Pune, this one has been imparting required knowledge and world class exposure to budding designers from quite some time. A wide range of fashion designing courses are being offered here that range from communication design to industrial design, fashion communication, fashion designing, and so on. At present, the institute is offering only under-graduate level programs that can be pursued by passing the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET). You can always find out the details by visiting the official site of the institute.

The approach for teaching students here is project-based. Students needs to perform well in order to get ahead and give proper direction to their creative self. Design is like an intuition that comes from within considering the fact that the aspirant is working in its area of interest. There is another dilemma faced by some artists that whether they need to attend the fashion design school or just start their business straight ahead. It is to be noted that not all designers go through the traditional schools. One of the biggest examples of this fact is Ralph Lauren who took the first lesson on sewing machine and then went straight ahead to the markets. What path you wish to take primarily depends on your personal motivation. But if you need to compete in the rapidly growing world of style and fashion, a degree from a known fashion school can really back you up. Along with this, the teachers here have a wide experience in this field that gives you a really good exposure.

Everyone in today’s world loves designer stuff and their ability to give a unique touch to whatever they get associated with. It’s like magic, however, it is not. It’s a business that needs a very keen art and what acceptance by most people. Also, promotion is a completely different kind of fashion world that has its own trends and rules. Communication design is a field that has come into light on that account. How the product or service will be presented among buyers is a different scenario that is covered under product designing. Therefore, before you choose designing rather fashion designing as your future, think carefully which stream you are most interested in and then move on where you wish to be.